The company was founded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Trade of the Czech Republic in 1951 and named SPP (Food Processing Trade) The company was ensuring production, repairing and service of equipment especially for the meat and dairy industry. In 1972, the company was renamed STROJOBAL and further expanded its business. In 1991, the company adopted the new name VPS (Production of Food Machinery) and then in 1993 transformed into a private joint stock company. Along with this, activities were expanded to produce and supply small breweries and distilleries.

In 2001, the company began using the new logo, which is still in use today. Currently, the company focuses on the production of milk processing equipment and delivery of complete cheese production lines.

vps - historie loga a společnosti

Main references since 2008

Czech Republic:
BOHEMILK OpočnoCondenced milk production2010
BOHEMILK OpočnoMilk reception
CIP of reception
BOHEMILK OpočnoPasteurization line2012
MADETA J. HradecPasteurization line2012
AGRICOL PoličkaCheese pressing equipment2012
BOHEMILK OPOČNOReconstruction of milk dryer
CIP station
MORAVIA LACTO JihlavaCheese Herold production line2014
SUNFOOD DobruškaSoy milk production line2014
MADETA Planá n. LužnicíCheese Blaťácké zlato production line2015
MORAVIA LACTO JihlavaLine for milk sterilisation and CIP2016
AGRICOL PoličkaReconstruction of cheese factory2016
LACRUM Velké MeziříčíCheese production line2018
Mlékárna PříšoviceJoghurt production2009
OLMA OlomoucStarter cultures production2008
Mliekareň KriváSoft cheese production line2008
KOLIBA HriňováAutomated pressing cheese vat2009
LIPTOV Liptovský MikulášCheese Parenica production line2009
AGROFARMA Červený KameňCheese Parenica production line2010
KOLIBA HriňováAutomated pressing cheese vat2011
KOLIBA HriňováAutomated pressing cheese vat
Automated line for cheese acidification
HAVRAN SenicaCheese with white surface-ripened
Cheese production line
MILKILAND MenaCheese salting2008
MILK ALLIANCE JahotynPasteurization line2008
SERY ICC PasłękCheese salting2007
OSTROWIA Ostrów MazowieckaCheese salting2013
USMZ UglichLinka na výrobu polotvrdých sýrů2021
MOLVEST KalachPreserve of whey and CIP2018
KMK KirovStorage of milk and CIP2015
KALORIYA StaroderevyankovskayaBlue cheese production line
Cheese with white crust production line
MLEKOPRODUKT ZrenjaninReconstruction of cheese factory2012
ZDENKA Veliki ZdenciAutomatic pressing cheese vat2012
ZDRAVUSHKA-MILK ByerazinoCrust production, pre-press vat2010
MOLODEYA NaračBlue cheese production line2011
PMZ PastavySemi-hard cheese production line2013
BROYLER SmalyavichyEquipment for cheese production2014
COMPLIMILK SlutskSemi-hard cheese production line2015
BABUSHKINA KRYNKA AsipovichyStorage of whey and CIP2015
BELOVEZHSKIE SYRY VysokajeCheese Manchego production line2017
PMK PruzhanyCheese salting2018

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In 2005, the company met all the conditions of the ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system and obtained the certification of the German company TÜV NORD, which it confirms every year.

Management of joint-stock company VPS engineering a.s. declares in order to sustain and improve its current position on the supply machinery and equipment for food industry market following


Quality policy strategic intentions

  1. To expand the offer of our services, supplies and products with high utility value and to improve customer care based on obtained marketing information
  2. To ensure high quality of our supplies and services with new technologies, increasing qualifications of our employees and efficiency of their work based on our customer’s needs
  3. To improve the quality management system and company economic management system with the aim of optimization of costs and activities to ensure permanent capacity and financial resources for company progress while achieving competitive prices for the customer
  4. To observe legislative and other relevant customer and stakeholder requirements


Company management with the aim of achieving above mentioned goals undertakes:

  • create conditions for all employees of the company to meet these goals
  • annually release a set of measures to fulfil these goals and keep controlling its fulfilment
  • plan and release necessary resources to meet quality goals
  • create preconditions for work team complement with qualified employees on a long-term basis
  • look for opportunities and constantly improve quality management system


Company management expects their employees to:

  • observe regulations and methods effective in management quality system consistently and strictly
  • high responsibility for the quality of their own work including consistent self-control
  • be active while fulfil all assigned tasks and rationalization of own work
  • hand suggestions over to company management to improve activities of individual company departments
  • see the main content of their activities in quality satisfaction of customer needs
  • be loyal to the company and its strategic proposes


Company management expects from suppliers:

  • high responsibility for quality of delivered work with consistent self-control
  • activity in filling all assigned tasks and rationalization of own work and meeting deadlines


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